List of All News

13th Sep 2018
Organizing 12th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search SoCS 2019 as a co-chair together with William Yeoh.
29th Aug 2018
Supplementary research materials for some older papers posted on-line on the faculty server.
28th Aug 2018
Papers from IJCAI-ECAI 2018 and SoCS 2018 posted in the publications list.
3rd Jul 2018
Two new topics for a thesis or a project have been posted (Flow Free, CBS).
3rd Jul 2018
A new topic suitable for a thesis has been posted (MIDI Beautify).
28th Jun 2018
A revised selected paper from ICAART 2017 added in the publications section.
5th Jun 2018
Added links to ResearcherID and ORCID to a growing list of bibliography services.
17th May 2018
Medals awarded for performance in seminar on Introduction to AI - see the tight race for silver and bronze.
17th May 2018
Office hours changed for the examination period - not fixed, appointment via email.
8th May 2018
A paper written jointly with Adi Botea and Davide Bonusi accepted to Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR).
26th Apr 2018
Another new topic suitable for a thesis has been posted (Evacuation via local CPF).
12th Apr 2018
A new topic on BDDs suitable for a project or a thesis has been posted.
6th Apr 2018
Programme committee member of ICTAI 2018.
31st Mar 2018
History of news and updates is available now.
18th Mar 2018
Recent version of reLOC - a MAPF solver - posted in the software section.
13th Mar 2018
Three more thesis/project topics posted (Poly MAPF, APP, Global Constraints).
11th Mar 2018
Several new topics for a project or a thesis have been posted (MAPF SMT, Adversarial MAPF, Compiled MAPF).
10th Mar 2018
New papers on adversarial MAPF (one presented at ICAART 2018 and one accepted to Flairs 2018).
9th Mar 2018
A paper on SAT encodings of MAPF published in Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.
9th Mar 2018
PC membership in 2018 updated (AAAI 2018, ICAPS 2018, IJCAI-ECAI 2018, ...).