List of All News

10th Oct 2018
Programme committee member of AAAI 2019.
9th Oct 2018
Artificial Intelligence course is on-line (MI-UMI).
9th Oct 2018
Course in Neural Networks is on-line (PI-NSV).
7th Oct 2018
Office hours changed for the new semester.
19th Sep 2018
A brand new solver called boOX is ready for download - implements CBS and SMT-CBS.
19th Sep 2018
A new version of the reLOC solver has been posted.
13th Sep 2018
Organizing 12th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search SoCS 2019 as a co-chair together with William Yeoh.
29th Aug 2018
Supplementary research materials for some older papers posted on-line on the faculty server.
28th Aug 2018
Papers from IJCAI-ECAI 2018 and SoCS 2018 posted in the publications list.
3rd Jul 2018
Two new topics for a thesis or a project have been posted (Flow Free, CBS).
3rd Jul 2018
A new topic suitable for a thesis has been posted (MIDI Beautify).
28th Jun 2018
A revised selected paper from ICAART 2017 added in the publications section.
5th Jun 2018
Added links to ResearcherID and ORCID to a growing list of bibliography services.
17th May 2018
Medals awarded for performance in seminar on Introduction to AI - see the tight race for silver and bronze.
17th May 2018
Office hours changed for the examination period - not fixed, appointment via email.
8th May 2018
A paper written jointly with Adi Botea and Davide Bonusi accepted to Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR).
26th Apr 2018
Another new topic suitable for a thesis has been posted (Evacuation via local CPF).
12th Apr 2018
A new topic on BDDs suitable for a project or a thesis has been posted.
6th Apr 2018
Programme committee member of ICTAI 2018.
31st Mar 2018
History of news and updates is available now.