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12th Feb 2019
A new package of topics posted - kinematics, Voronoj, robotic Kung-Fu, and car configuration.
13th Jan 2019
Newer projects are on my github too: boOX and reLOC.
12th Jan 2019
Two older project posted on my github: vsat and sigmaSAT.
9th Dec 2018
The list of topics for theses is still growing - two more: resiliency and CDCLMAPF.
4th Dec 2018
One more topic - nice automated translation based on the existing translations of literature.
30th Nov 2018
Always good time for new topics - formations in MAPFR, JavaScript decompilation.
30th Nov 2018
Standard Czech Science Foundation project awarded (intALG-MAPFg).
7th Nov 2018
A paper on large robots written jointly with Li, Felner, Ma, Satish Kumar, and Koenig accepted to AAAI 2019.
27th Oct 2018
A new paper on MAPF and Token Swapping accepted to ICTAI 2018.
25th Oct 2018
Good time for new topics - CDCL, DDBT, WalkSAT, Backprop written compactly.
24th Oct 2018
One more topic for a thesis or a project has been posted (Kruhobots = continuous MAPF).
24th Oct 2018
A new topic for a thesis or a project posted (variable ordering heuristics for SAT and CSP).
19th Oct 2018
Finished a password protected page for restricted audience.
19th Oct 2018
Read the October issue of VESMÍR - I contributed by a story about warehouse robots.
18th Oct 2018
A new traffic optimization topic for a thesis or a project posted (Autopia).
18th Oct 2018
Reviewing for IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
16th Oct 2018
Reviewing for IEEE Transactions on Computers
10th Oct 2018
Programme committee member of AAAI 2019.
9th Oct 2018
Artificial Intelligence course is on-line (MI-UMI).
9th Oct 2018
Course in Neural Networks is on-line (PI-NSV).