List of All News

20th Apr 2019
Article reviewing for IROS 2019 and Constraints.
18th Apr 2019
Update in the list of programme committee membership: ICAPS 2019, AAMAS 2019, and IJCAI 2019.
11th Apr 2019
Please check this new MAPF web - - solely dedicated to multi-agent path finding.
4th Mar 2019
Results in Introduction to AI have been published on a password protected page.
1st Mar 2019
The list of supervised students updated.
20th Feb 2019
Office hours changed for the new semester.
12th Feb 2019
A new package of topics posted - kinematics, Voronoj, robotic Kung-Fu, and car configuration.
13th Jan 2019
Newer projects are on my github too: boOX and reLOC.
12th Jan 2019
Two older project posted on my github: vsat and sigmaSAT.
9th Dec 2018
The list of topics for theses is still growing - two more: resiliency and CDCLMAPF.
4th Dec 2018
One more topic - nice automated translation based on the existing translations of literature.
30th Nov 2018
Always good time for new topics - formations in MAPFR, JavaScript decompilation.
30th Nov 2018
Standard Czech Science Foundation project awarded (intALG-MAPFg).
7th Nov 2018
A paper on large robots written jointly with Li, Felner, Ma, Satish Kumar, and Koenig accepted to AAAI 2019.
27th Oct 2018
A new paper on MAPF and Token Swapping accepted to ICTAI 2018.
25th Oct 2018
Good time for new topics - CDCL, DDBT, WalkSAT, Backprop written compactly.
24th Oct 2018
One more topic for a thesis or a project has been posted (Kruhobots = continuous MAPF).
24th Oct 2018
A new topic for a thesis or a project posted (variable ordering heuristics for SAT and CSP).
19th Oct 2018
Finished a password protected page for restricted audience.
19th Oct 2018
Read the October issue of VESMÍR - I contributed by a story about warehouse robots.